Welcome to our Senior Primary School

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The Senior Primary environment is conducive to nurturing and personal growth. The pupils are exposed to a variety of well rounded scholars. Our Catholic tradition ensures a good moral grounding and the Religious Education lessons give all the children an opportunity to enrich their own faith and to learn about and respect the beliefs of others.

In the Senior Primary, the pupils learn study skills and how to apply and extend the skills they have mastered. The academic curriculum includes; English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Natural Science, Geography and History. Subjects like Art, Zulu, Religious Education, Physical Education, Drama, Music, Computers and Skills complete the curriculum.

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The teachers network through various organisations including ISASA (the Independent Schools Association of SA) to keep abreast with changes in education. Workshops and courses are attended by the teachers to maintain the high standard of education offered at St Columba’s.

The Grade 5, 6 and 7 children go on tour which allows them growth in independence and in social skills and teamwork.
The children support various charities and outreaches in the wider community thus developing a compassionate awareness of others.

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An eagerly anticipated event in the Grade 7 curriculum is the Book

These books are displayed at an event attended by the senior pupils and their parents. Another highlight for our Grade 7 pupils is the St Columba’s Fun Day. The pupils host their own stalls and the money raised is donated to the Avril Elizabeth home - a tradition we are proud of upholding.

St Columba’s is proud of its tradition of achievement. Many of our students go on to become prefects and head prefects at their chosen secondary schools. Academic levels are exceptionally high as well - year after year our Grade 7 pupils have achieved 100% pass rate and our Grade 7 pupils are accepted at any High School of their choice.

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