Welcome to our Pre-Primary School

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St Columba's Pre-Primary has 5 qualified teachers plus assistants who help the teachers with the children as they go through their day. Small classes mean that each child is known and loved by the staff, allowing individual strengths to be built upon.
The CAPS syllabus is followed by all teachers and is supplemented by continuous in-service training courses which take the teaching staff to new educational heights.
A structured programme is followed in all classes (at the particular level for that age group) in which creative activities, fantasy play, life orientation and language enrichment all play their part in the holistic schooling of the child. Movement activities are essential in improving the gross motor control of each child and attention is paid by the teachers to ensure that the child develops age appropriately.




Puppet shows are a “fun aspect of the school day and encourage even the shyest child to participate and interact with the characters and, in so doing, learn valuable life lessons. The Eagle Tumbling team help the children to develop their gross motor skills in a fun and active environment. Reading, mathematical and technology skills are all enhanced in the various baking and making activities that are undertaken every week.
Computers are used in all classes to reinforce mathematical and reading skills, to emphasize “left and right” and in memory and concentration extension work. Class Music is part of the weekly programme and in this fun environment the children are taught singing skills, as well as percussive instrumental expertise.

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Chess lessons are given to the Grade R children once a week and are an optional extra for those who want to participate.  Little Kickers also provide an optional extra for budding footballers (billing for this is done by Little Kickers individually). An Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists are on board and help the children once a week, depending on their individual needs.
There is a supervised outdoor programme which offers waterplay, sand play, wheeled toys and a variety of gross motor activities.
A fully supervised AfterCare is available during term time to assist working parents, and a HolidayCare caters for their needs during the April and August school holidays. 
Extra-mural activities for Grade R pupils – ball skills for the girls and cricket / football for the boys.

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