Welcome to our Junior Primary School

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At St Columba's we have enthusiastic, well-experienced teachers who are able to explore innovative ideas in our progressive technological era. They embrace and nurture the emotional and academic level that the children are at, ensuring each child grows at their level in a secure and disciplined environment. The teachers foster a love for learning in the classroom as well as in cultural and sporting activities outside the classroom.

We follow the CAPS syllabus as a guideline while incorporating standards set out by ISASA. Our programme builds on skills taught in Grade R, thus providing an environment that continually reinforces and then extends the knowledge of the children.

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English, Mathematics and Life Skills are of utmost importance to equip the children for the future.


Interactive Whiteboards are used in the Foundation Phase to enhance the children’s learning experience. Technology has become an integral part of our lives – we feel it important that the children are familiar with and able to master the use of different computer packages, namely KID PIX, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.


Technology lessons are taught through the use of LEGO kits, making the lesson content interesting and practical.

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As St Columba’s is a Catholic school, we attend Mass every week, with each class having an opportunity to prepare the Masses. The children in Grade 3 are prepared for their First Holy Communion which takes place at the end of their Grade 3 year.

Music, Art and Speech and Drama are an important part of our curriculum with School concerts and musical evenings being held every alternate year. Our children are also involved in Choral verse and Choir competitions. Sporting and Cultural activities are encouraged and the following are on offer as extra-mural activities: Cross Country (from Grade 3), Cricket, Netball, Chess, Choir, Tennis and Swimming.

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